Case Study: Partner Onboarding Done Right

Posted by Amanda Kubista on February 25, 2020

How Moovila streamlined and managed the alliance partner program of an HCM cloud service provider.

With the insights from Moovila, the Alliance Partner Team was able to distill their partner onboarding process down to four simplified, accurate project templates which could be used across their entire partner ecosystem to drive the relationships forward, and ultimately expedite the realization of revenue together. Additionally, Moovila improved the experience for their partners and internal teams by consolidating the number of systems required for effective communications and automating the partner journey from contract to launch.


Case Study: Disaster Recovery for Project Plans

Posted by Bucky Jobe on February 5, 2020

How Moovila helped a major consulting firm get a derailed ERP implementation back on track

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations are notorious for long-overdue timelines and inflated budgets. After a vendor’s implementation was a year past its initial deadline, one of the top five consulting firms was brought in to assess exactly what went wrong and how to drive the project to success. They partnered with Moovila to perform a full forensic investigation of the existing plan and ultimately win the seven-figure contract to implement the new plan moving forward.

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