"Can Moovila do Agile?"

Posted by Amanda Kubista on December 4, 2020

Moovila is not just for traditional waterfall projects! Manage sprint work and connect it to the larger organizational picture—all in one platform. 


From Mountains Down to Molehills: 5 Ways to Simplify Work

Posted by Amanda Kubista on September 23, 2020

Stop, in the name of execution, before you overburden and burn out your employees 

OK, the bad song parodies end there. And some advice on simplifying work to increase productivity and efficiency—and reduce preventable stress—starts here. Instead of creating mountains out of what should probably be molehills, do these 5 things:


True Fact: This Software Can Help You Avoid Tough Work Conversations (You're Welcome)

Posted by Amanda Kubista on September 14, 2020

As Project Managers—whether that’s your official title or the role you’re playing on a major initiative—it can be annoying and stressful to constantly chase people down, ask why things are late, or point the finger in status meetings. (Unless you’re someone who enjoys the shame game, which is a topic for another time.) It also isn’t fun having to play bad cop as a manager, and repeatedly call out where your employees are running late and/or missing the mark. Not to mention, the time-consuming aspect of finding the evidence required to explain what they probably already know but could push back on if you didn’t have documented proof points. 

We’re all in this together, chasing the same project deadline. Neither side wants confrontation or difficult conversations. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to be the one sending reminder emails, calling out at ball-droppers, and nagging about the effects of delayed work?  

Let Moovila handle these tough conversations for you by: 


Equipment Checklist for Remote Teams

Posted by Amanda Kubista on September 8, 2020

Gear up for WFH Success 

Your team has gone remote. Wondering where to start?

It's going to take more than additional Zoom accounts and power cables to make the transition smooth. Download this equipment checklist to keep team members productive at home. We've included everything you'll need immediately and if remote work goes long term.

Download now


9 Things to Watch for When Your Team Goes Remote

Posted by Amanda Kubista on September 1, 2020

Foresight into the new normal. 

Don't fear the unknowns of going remote; prepare for them.

Whether you lead a team and have gone remote—or maybe have expanded remote work due to COVID-19—download this quick read to learn the 9 things to be conscious of to help you succeed.

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Lite Paper: Making Remote Work Permanent

Posted by Amanda Kubista on August 26, 2020

Digging deeper on how to stay efficient when working remote.

If your WFH is turning into WTF, here's what to do about it.

Moovila CMO Jason Seiden highlights industry research around displaced teams working from home and outlines the benefits & challenges of remote work in this lite paper (deep enough to be a white paper, light enough to be enjoyable).

Download now to better understand what your team is feeling, how technology can help, and the 3 areas to focus on for successfully making remote work permanent.

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5 Partner Onboarding Headaches... and Solutions to Implement Today

Posted by Amanda Kubista on April 3, 2020

ch & Learn Overview
Recorded Wednesday, April 15th  |   1:00 PM ET

During our 45-minute virtual lunch-and-learn we cover 5 common headaches alliance partnerships face, as well as solutions you can implement today. We share our original findings from our 2020 surveys and interviews with alliance and channel partnership professionals that uncover their key challenges.  


Case Study: Partner Onboarding Done Right

Posted by Amanda Kubista on February 25, 2020

How Moovila streamlined and managed the alliance partner program of an HCM cloud service provider.

With the insights from Moovila, the Alliance Partner Team was able to distill their partner onboarding process down to four simplified, accurate project templates which could be used across their entire partner ecosystem to drive the relationships forward, and ultimately expedite the realization of revenue together. Additionally, Moovila improved the experience for their partners and internal teams by consolidating the number of systems required for effective communications and automating the partner journey from contract to launch.


Impacts of the Project Paradox in the Construction Industry

Posted by Amanda Kubista on January 15, 2019

All of us at Moovila are excited to see CEO Mike Psenka’s article, The Root Cause of Project Delays and the Math Behind It in Construction Executive Magazine!


Moovila makes the list: 10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

Posted by Amanda Kubista on October 23, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Moovila has been named one of the 10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers by CIO Review! The selection was made by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs analysts and CIO Review’s editorial board based on its innovative approach to collaboration and success in meeting the ever-changing needs of customers across segments.

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